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"The Prague romance" got a lot of amusement

The amateur film group VideoAktiv presents its new production

Regensburg. A big screen is at the Auditorium at the VHS Regensburg. The amateur film group VideoAktiv presents its new production “The Prague romance” to many friends and the public, which also comes from Czech Republic. Everybody has to wait until the big event starts. A colorful evening with a creative program was composed. Lyric reading, a VideoAktiv short film, the Regensburg artist Ivana Koubek and music compositions were presented.

Since 1995 VideoAktiv is an official film group. It is not only in Germany but al over the world known and now this film group made a production with two countries. VideoAktiv was successful at over 160 int. Film and Video Festivals and they won a lot of awards.

Some of their productions like “Why”, “In the name of the law” or “Future” are well known in and around Regensburg. But it is true, the film branch, especially amateur film making has is a hard job to find attention. Although like the leader Oskar Siebert says, the film is the most important carrier of our culture.

A lot of engagement, work and ambition is behind a little film. You need more than a pen and paper, says Daniela Siebert, student, but producer at VideoAktiv. You need money. And so there was something to be awarded to: a little golden Oscar to the mayor of the town Regensburg, who helped to realize this production. REWAG and BMW were also sponsors for the film and got a price for their help too. This represents a piece of ambitious “people-bounded” cultural work. But what is the “Prague romance” about? Parents and daughter are on tour with their caravan, on the way to Russia. Early in the morning, the daughter sleeps in the back of the caravan, they arrive in Prague. The parents shortly got out of the car. Not knowing, the daughter gets out of the car, until he realizes what happen, the caravan is driving away.

There she stands, alone in the rain, in a foreign country. But a young man comes there. And now it is about a non-suspected, non-complicated understanding and coming together of a young German and a young Czech. With precise pictures and some little jokes the film involves the audience into the happening.

This story has his origin when 1998 the film group VideoAktiv was invented to a Czech Film festival. Three years the German Czech team worked together, without political, moral and social prejudices. The great work of two countries is shown by the actors Sandra Lehmann and Martin Pazdera. Both are students of actor schools.