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German-Czech Film


"The Prague romance": First non-professional co production parties its preview


Regensburg. 13 days for filming in Prague, a lot of permissions, many free hours and a high amount of driving costs: the first non-professional German-Czech film production made some problems, but this was it worth.


On Friday evening was the preview. Nearly everything went wrong: the projector was not there, but the firm Kern rescued the projection at the last minutes. Sponsors were the REWAG, BMW, Culture council Regensburg. A you-must-see film was produced: Daniela (Sandra Lehmann) was “forgotten” since a holiday tour from her parents. There she meets Petr (Martin Pazdera) who helps her in her bad situation and shows her the “golden Prague”. Between the both a romance develops in spite of language barriers. The two students of actor schools interpret the classical script, written by Daniela Siebert. The music and the editing are on a high level for an amateur production.


Of course a very good composition to the German Czech friendship, which will be shown in September at the Festival “Rychnov 8”. Mayor Hans Schaidinger got from the director Oskar Siebert the “Golden Oscar” as thank for the great help. The head of the town helped personally to realize this project.