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HAF Tanvald 2003




HAF Tanvald is for us a nearly heartily experience. It is a competition where we celebrated  one of our film previews. Unfortunately we missed the deadline this year but we went this year to Tanvald again. The reason for our trip to Tanvald was that this year  Oskar Siebert was with his film “Rescued” at the HAF and we were present when the  film was made and that was also the reasen why we were so proud when the film “Rescued” by Oskar Siebert was the winner of the festival and when the speaker said :” with all voices for it, the film by Oskar Siebert won the main prize and the prize of the town Tanvald”: The organizer of Tanvald, as one of the few from Czech Republic, gave the winners not only a diploma but also valuable thing – prizes. Oskar Siebert was after the prize – giving very friendly thing when he gave his music – station to us as a thank for the good (international) work together. We thanked him for his grateful gesture with the words: “Oh we don’t earn this.” A special thanks goes to Jakub Sika (14 Years ) who was very thankful for the prize. “Thanks Oskar” – Kuba. We wish Oskar many more success and hopefully, we will be presented next year in Tanvald.