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Sieberts shortest movie


Regensburg (mz) At this time the Regensburg movie maker Oskar Siebert has a lot of work to do. He, his daughter Daniela and a team of volunteers start working intensely on a new short movie project, which deals with “mother love and organ donation”. (the Mittelbayerische Zeitung” has reported about it yet). The interesting script also convinced the actors of the not professional city theater. According to Doris Dubiel, Heinz  Müller and Danielle Clamer agreed to work for him.


Although the preparation for the new movie production take into account alot of work and time, Oskar Siebert accepted an offer for a short movie project in Prague. As author of the script he is also director. “My shortest movie” is the name of the comedy and takes place in the year of 1920. The movie is being prepared as part of the international film festival The BRINNER SIXTEEN 2004.


The Prague artist Rafael Knobloch, who is working on a exhibition together with the artist Ana Mat, which will be taking place at the beginning of September under the title “Historic bridges” in Prague, help to realize this movie as an organizer, a maker of props and as an actor.

Rafael Knobloch`s love for theater and his uncountable contacts to other Prague artists make him an important member of the Prague and Regensburg movie–scene.    

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