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Ambitious movie maker tackles a hot iron


Oskar Sieberts latest movie “Mother” for the topic of organ donation/ Exhibition of the Amateur Film group VideoAktiv


The busy film group has its 10th anniversary. For its celebration an exhibition with the title “From Regensburg into the whole world” shows the work of the group: trophies and Honors from Europe and over sea and photos of the scenes of some works. VideoAktiv are Oskar Siebert and his daughter Daniela, although more than 200 people helped the movie group at their different productions. Also a lot of young people, especially from the East- European countries worked with the father- daughter team.


Movie making was laid down in his cradle, says the biography of Oskar Siebert.

His father was local assistant and director’s assistant in Berlin Babelsberg. Since the birth by his daughter Daniela 1984, who played a main role with two and a half years, steps into the footprints of her father, movie making never got out of his head: As producer, director, author and cameraman.

1996 Oskar got the “Kulturförderpreis” of the town Regensburg. Also was he represented at more than 250 international film festivals. A selection of awards and prizes decorates the wall of the town library, like from the Mississippi Valley Contest where the film group won 2003 the “Gold Medal”.


At the photos you see Oskar Siebert with his typical hand movement at the movie set. Photos of “The Prague Romance” (2002), “The Key” (2000), “My shortest movie” (2004) or of his latest production “Mother” (2005) are shown and they show that the movie making is a lot of fun, when Daniela is the make-up artist for “Rescued”, but it also costs a lot of work and strength.


More than 2 years worked videoAktiv at the latest production, which was shown at the celebration at the Auditorium.


For an amateur group is this story very solid and good in its takes and also in its main composition.


The actors of the town theater of Regensburg had the main roles in this movie. Doris Dubiel played the mother and Danielle Clamer had the role of the heart sick, pregnant daughter.


A very well done emotional background was made by the film music composed by Pavel Hokr. A serious, social relevant theme was made into a story by videoAktiv.