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Good renomee at the Moldau and at the Mississippi


VideoAktiv the group around Oskar Siebert won over 170 awards/ social critical themes as centre


The Regensburg film maker Oskar Siebert points at a crystal globe and says: “This is a special honor”. The Crystal Globe of the Canadian Film Festival. Oskar Siebert and his daughter Daniela won the award already the second time at the biggest Canadian Film Festival.

Both of them are videoAktiv and have won in its 10 years more than 170 awards for its movie productions- at festivals at nearly all continents: America, Australia and nearly all European countries.

Until the 2nd April, the exhibition “From Regensburg into the whole world” is shown at the town library. With modern themes and high quality has videoAktiv got a break through in the international amateur cinematography as the only Regensburg artist group.


It is hard for a prophet in his own country. Mr. Siebert has to fight for the honor in his own town Regensburg and conflicts always accompany him. Many reviews are from the local Regensburg politicians.

The Sieberts have the movie making in their blood and genes. Grandfather Georg was local assistant in Berlin and father Oskar injected his daughter also with the movie virus. The present exhibition was made by the 21 year old student of American Studies and German, Daniela Siebert and her friend Marlene Frank. The exhibition shows an overview of the productions of videoAktiv with photos from the scene.


Although videoAktiv is very well known from the Moldau to the Mississippi, the movie makers are not well- known in their home cathedral town.