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Waiting for the fitting heart.


The short movie “MOTHER” , shot in protestant area, made organ donation an important topic.


One wants to live and therefore urgently needs an organ, the other one dies and makes another life possible. The words of a “relevant” donator is to be treated with regard. A movie makes everyone think about the critical topic “Transplantation”.


The young woman suddenly broke down during her wedding dance. Diagnosis :  in-curative heart disease, she urgently needs another organ. Next obstacle : She is pregnant in the 12th week. The situation is fiction, the topic real. The movie director Oskar Siebert again and again makes short movies with winch he doesn’t earn money.  At movie-festival of this non profit sector he has always been awarded, not only in Germany, but also in England, the USA and Australia.


Siebert founded the club “videoAktiv Regensburg” and works with accompanying actors as in his latest work “MOTHER”. “I want the people to think about” he says.

As a physiotherapist he was confronted over and over again with the topic of transplantation, in this 30 years of his job. A good location was the protestant Brotherhood church. The old – catholic priest Ralf Staymann gave his bless to the movie.


The Regensburg protestant dean Gottfried Schoenauer the had responsibility. “Transplantation” is a topic. The medical - ethic plays a role when an organ can be rescued”, he says. “Theologizes talk about God’s breath, which still eves in a person who dies. On the other  hand Jesus Christ , as hero and healer, walked through the world. He pointed out that the human must be seen as a whale. That the human life, given by God, has to be kept. For that reason we should do everything to keep one alive.” Borders are over – stepped if relatives have to decide about organ donation or if organ – trade genes up.   


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