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The daily newspaper from Rychnov n.Kn (Czech Republic) wrote a whole page about Oskar Siebert and the filming of his new short movie "Mother".


More than 10 years, Oskar Siebert and his daugther Daniela from videoaktiv Regensburg were not only present film authors at the int. Rychnov 8 film fstival, who presented their latest work, but both from Regensburg were the only foreign visitors at the numerous film fsetivals. Two silver and one bronze in the category of fiction movies, many awards and also awards from the audience and special awards were given to them and also the award of  the town Rychnov n.Kn. More than 8.000 festival visitors have, over the years,seen the productions of the Sieberts in Rychnov.


Again, Oskar Siebert came back to say goodbye personally from his fiction productions and show his last movie „Mother“. He came not back without an award.


The Sieberts (that is how the regional press calls the film authors) came back with two worthful prizes this week. Their movie „Mother“ was awarded with the prize of the town Rychnov n.Kn.and with the first place in the fiction category.The prices were given by the independent juryof festival visitors and film authors. On Sep. 1st, the festival director donated one page of the regional press only for Oskar Siebert and his last and latest work „Mother“.


Beside the story, pictures and other information on the filming, Oskar’s goodbye letter was printed.


It was not only a newspaper article, but a great honor and recommondation for the Sieberts and their works. For the high quality and almost professional movies of Oskar and Daniela Siebert and of course for their cooperation with their Czech film friends, a high cultural cooperation between Germans and Czechs in the branch of movie making.


A report by Dorothea Kuehn


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