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The Prague Romance

Die Prager Romanze

Pražská romance


Three titles- one film

One film in three languages

All that in a non-professional German-Czech film-production.


When my daughter Daniela and I were invited to the film festival “Rychnov 8” in Rychnov, Czech Republic, in 1998, it was very easy for me to communicate, because I know the language. Daniela understands it, but it is hard for her to make a conversation. Well, the young people do not know barriers and so the young film makers talked in English, that everybody understood and they had a lot of fun. This event was the reason and the new idea for our new film. My love to Prague gave us the place for filming.


It took three years until we had sponsors and the int. film team and actors. Many film makers from Czech Republic answered on our ad on the web page of “CAS VIDEA”. We were glad about the first contacts but then we got worried because the first question was: “… and how much will you pay for our cooperation? Will you pay in crones or in DM?” Only one person understood our amateur production and we could present him our script. Jan Lengyel ( Honza), Pegasfilm Prague, showed great interest: “It is very interesting and I like the story! I would like to work with you, when will we start?” That is how we find our coordinator and Czech producer. After that we could start, although we had not any money for the project.


The first cast was in Regensburg. We were searching for the main actress and the film- parents. Out of 19 girls we picked out the 19 years old Sandra Lehmann from Friedberg, Augsburg. She studies at the theatre school in Munich.

It was very difficult because now we had to find parents who fit to the daughter. Over 25 people came to that day and we chose Petra Obermeier and Reinhold Wittke.

The second cast took part in Prague, Czech republic at the film atelier Barandow, where we hoped to find a boy for the role of the Czech boy Petr. From over 30 young men we picked out Martin Pazdera, a student of the actor conservatorium Prague. Roman Volnik and Tomas Vokroj were our choice for the two friends. Our actors were chosen and Jan Lengyel got the technical team.



Daniela Siebert had the job of the German producer and I was camera man and director. Honza had to fight with over-dimensional difficulties until we had all necessary permissions. Our scene under the Charles Bridge was not without problems. We needed rain so we had to ask the fire fighters from Zdiby near Prague for help. Produkci z německé strany zastupovala Daniela Siebert, která též spolupracovala na scénáři a já jsem převzal roli kameramana a režiséra. Honzík Lengyel se musel potýkat s s nepředpokládanými potížemi, než se mu podařilo zajistit pro nás všechny povolení k natáčení. Též velkým problémem bylo obstarat hasiče, kteří by nám „udělali déšť“ u Karlova mostu. S velkým štěstím se Honzíkovi podařilo zajistit za přiměřenou sumu hasiče ze Zdib u Prahy.


 On the 6th September 2001 was the first day for our filming in Prague. Honzik Lengyel, Krystina Fabianova and Karel Koci waited at the filming place. Short team meeting, camera in position and sound check. Daniela checked the clothes of the actors, make-up and the first takes were prepared. First of all we did the scenes at the German council, because our permission lasted for one day. We also had to wait until there was no traffic, so we could go on. For the disturbing watchers it was always the same: -go to position-ok-camera-on-sound-ok-quiet please-take 68 the sixth-action! The actors did their best until one of the “watchers” was walking through the scene or waving into the camera. CUT-once again. Only Krystina counted the repetitions of the scenes. As often until the director and camera man was satisfied. The first day we worked until dawn and the next days we were at Petrin and Hradcin.


We had luck because on the 11th September were terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in America. The next days the streets to the German and American council were closed and filming was forbidden. After two weeks we travelled with the actors in a caravan to the Czech border in Rozvadov. We had the permission, but didn’t have to use it. The people at the customs duty told us that this is no border area, so we had to find a new place and get a new permission. Honza called around and after many hours we could start at the new place. Honza had to wear the uniform and act the role of the police man. We had to repeat the scene about 10-12 times until it was good enough. In Prague we had rooms at Maria Rivai, a writer and author of books. She and her husband made us feel very comfortable and every evening we had a great Indonesian dinner.




The cooperation was perfect and the whole team did their best. Only the time passed too fast. We needed more time for the scenes under the Charles Bridge, but we couldn’t afford it. Totally we needed 13 days for filming until everything was ok. In November and March 2002 we had to re-film two scenes. After the first cut was finished, we send it to Pavel Hokr, our music composer from Cernosic (Prague). It was his first soundtrack and I was very critical with him, but he did a perfect job. Together with Sigmund Schmitzer and Georg Treffer we were a great team at editing with the Casablanca Kron. We made the titles and everything with that great help.

I made the Czech translation and Daniela the German and English one.


We had big problems with the sound because of disturbing noises, so we had to synchronize the dialogues, Sandra and Martin had to come to Regensburg. Our living room changed into a synchronise studio with all technical help inside. Honza was not only the producer, but also made the technical things, like subtitles. At the last meeting in Pisek we made the final things like soundtrack and editing.

Finally our film was ready. From 6 hours film material we made a 17 min. film. The film is the first non-professional German-Czech film production and it also deepens the friendship between young film makers and actors from Germany and Czech Republic. A film which tells a story of friendship and perhaps a short love, a meeting without linguistic, national, social and religious prejudices. A story about young people who are the future of the united Europe.


If we did a great job or not? We left this decision at the audience in Regensburg at our preview.

That’s how we created that event.


“The Prague romance”


The room was full, only a few chairs were empty. Nearly 200 people came to see our new film. Beside a few proms, our mayor Mr. Hans Schaidinger came and also Mr.Rainhard Seidl from the cultural council of Regensburg.


The whole team decided to give the golden OSCAR to the people who gave us financial aid for the project.Our mayor Mr.Hans Schaidinger and Mr.Dr.R.Ebneth from the BMW Regensburg got that price. The special price was given to the REWAG.


At the little breaks, Phillipe Matic presented his self composed French songs with the guitar and Jitka Voith read out to of her poems from her new Czech-German book. And then, finally the preview: The people reacted heartily and every joke was enjoyed. After that we presented the whole film team and the women got flowers.


With great profession moderated Daniela the whole evening. The guests were invited for drinks and a cold buffet after the official part.  Mrs. Ilse Arnauld des Lions, Mrs. Irmgard Hertting, Mrs.Öznur Özbican and Mrs.Ingrid Siebert cared about the drinks and food.


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