Daniela Siebert

Founding member, script-writer, translator, assistant-director, producer and youth officer of VideoAktiv Regensburg, Dani’s personality and arts-activity makes her one of the most important people in our film group.


In October 2000 Daniela was presented with the Masters Achievement Award from the Society of Amateur Videomakers and Cinematographers of America.


In September 2008 Daniela graduated from the University of Regensburg with a B.A. in “Comparative Cultural Studies”. After further training in “Social and Cultural Management” Daniela now works for Straubinger Exhibitions and Events Ltd.




Ludwig Ferstl (†27. 6. 2009)

Honored member of videoAktivRegensburg


 Even as a young man Ludwig Ferstl was interested in the art of photography. His creations were presented in a number of slide-shows. After his busy and successful career Mr. Ferstl got involved with arts and culture life of the city. He was one of the first and most successful amateur film-makers in Regensburg. He was script writer, director and cameraman for numerous movies, which he shot on Super 8. Mr. Ferstl established the “B.U.R.G.” film group with his son Hans Peter, and made many movies with young students.


His involvement in photography and film carried over to the art-education and painting. Many of his films deal with artists and the art of painting. For his longstanding commitment in the amateur film field Ludwig Ferstl was presented with a Medal of Honor by the BDFA. From 1996 Mr. Ferstl supported our film group and many film projects.


For more than 15 years, Mr. Ferstl represented amateur film interests on the Cultural Advisory Committee of Regensburg city.

Jaroslav Sika

Honorary member and webmaster of videoAktiv Regensburg 


Jaroslav Sika, (known as Slavek) together with his friend Jiri Nebos, runs a very successful film group called "KONEF" in the Czech City of Teplice. Since 2002 Slavek has worked with us as a camera man and editor on international film projects e.g. "Rescued" and "That’s why".


For his great international cooperation Jaroslav Sika was awarded an honorary membership of videoAktiv Regensburg, on March 19, 2006. We thank Slavek for his great collaboration, especially as our webmaster at


In 2006 the short movie "Balkonstory" by Jiri Nebos and Jaroslav Sika, KONEF Teplice, won a bronze medal at the UNICA in Korea. Congratulations.

Oskar Siebert

Member of BDFA

European author circle for film and video, BDFA, AMMA, PSA, AMPS
Press reports about the creative leader of VideoAktiv Regensburg

Èlen Èeského svazu pro film a video



Oskar Siebert is an all-rounder: writer, director, cameraman and producer. What plays on screen between five and 20 minutes needs a preparation time of up to twelve months, sometimes more. To do this requires: a treatment, a script, a production plan, a well thought-out scheme and - last but not least - the right financing. Going begging for money is the worst part for him. “There is no money for film and visual arts,” complains Siebert.


In contrast to his hobby of painting, Siebert looks at film making as a "duty". He denounces social problems like drugs, AIDS, rape, homelessness etc. – mainly those affecting youngsters. His connection with young people - besides his daughter Daniela – comes from his former activity as a sports trainer. Alongside his personal concern to draw attention to social issues, he is driven by his own bad experiences:  dragged out of Germany as a child and later returned as a displaced person - unfortunately – also unhappy social and political circumstances. Persecution and discrimination by the state and security forces of the then communist Czechoslovakia, Oskar Siebert was eventually able with the help of the International Society for Human Rights, to be evacuated to Regensburg – where he was reborn.


His professional career in sports – as well as physiotherapy and chiropractics was interrupted by an occupational accident in 1993.


Since 1994 Siebert has devoted himself intensely to his hobby - FILM. Through this hobby Oskar Siebert was able to develop his artistic talents.


At the same time he points out: In this country in spite of his international success as a filmmaker his rise is overlooked and unrecognized  by the politico-cultural institutions of the town and region – despite the fact that by founding  videoAktiv Regensburg in 1995 he made a breakthrough‚ as the first Regensburg film and culture worker to join the international film élite.


For his extraordinary artistic achievements in the arena of non-commercial film Mr. Oskar Siebert was honored in 1996 with a Cultural Award from the city of Regensburg.


This is how the Regensburg press describes Oskar Siebert, the filmmaker and founder of videoAktiv Regensburg.


In October 2000, Oskar Siebert was honored by SAVAC - Society of Amateur Videomakers and Cinematographers – a Masters Level ACHIEVEMENT AWARD and in October, 2001 as a MASTER MOVIE MAKER. In February, 2002 Oskar Siebert was listed in “Who's Who in the Federal Republic of Germany” for his artistic achievements in non-commercial film.


On the 25th of November, 2005 Oskar Siebert from Regensburg was made an honorary member of the Czech Film and Video Association “for his long-standing and exemplary activity in amateur film, such as contributions to international cooperation in the area of the non-commercial film in Europe.


Oskar Siebert is an honorary member of the Czech film club KONEF FSNF Teplice.


On the 20th of October, 2007 Oskar Siebert was awarded the Medal of Honor of the Bavarian National Film & Video Association.


On 30th of August, 2008 Oskar Siebert received the Medal of Honor of the Czech UNICA Committee.


„With videoAktiv Oskar and Daniela Siebert have built in an exemplary manner from their own interest in film a cultural cooperation across borders and promoted a bridge between Bavaria and Czechia. For this major commitment, Bavaria Bohemia inc. honors the group by giving Oskar and Daniela Siebert  the prize: "Brückenbauer/Stavitel mostu 2009" (Bridge Builders, 2009)


(From the accolade / Schönsee  in 2009)