My shortest movie

Time ran out because Daniela studied at the university, and I had another movie project in mind. But when my devoted friend Jan Lengyel from Prague wrote me, when we would make a movie together, I didn’t think about it very long. Together with Daniela we exchanged our ideas. In the end the Christmas present, a Charley Chaplin board, that Daniela gave as a present, inspired us. So we wrote a short story about a filmmaker of the year 1925. Jan Lengyel agreed and so we started with the propagations for the shooting. Our friend the Prague painter Rafael Knobloch took care of the organisation in Prague and simultaneously made our properties. Finally we got ready and on Thursday May 13th we drove to Prague together with Rafael Knobloch. It was very difficult to find an appropriate location with any deformity of the 21st century. Finally we, Rafael Knobloch, Tomas Jelinek and Jan Lengyel were successful. "Novy svet" (new world) is the name of the picturesque and magical corners behind the "Hradcin" Although we still had to solve a lot of problems and to overcome Insidious intrigues, we not only got an oldie and costumes of this time but we also found a first class casting. Young Lada Habart came with his mom from Nymburg (120km) to the shooting in Prague. Saturday and Sunday (May 15th + 16th) we worked very hard all day. Although we made our (second) shortest movie this time, our short-movie-production is only different from the true Hollywood – production in the Money – budget. The Prague helpers had a lot of stress but also lots  of fun during our shooting. We all found the appropriate movie – theatres "Bijasek" for our movie take in Prague. Finally we’ve got every shot and now we have time for the technical work, music composition, sound mixing, effects, titles and subtitles.

At last Daniela and I want to thank all the people who helped us .

Thanks to :


Rafael Knobloch, Jan Lengyel, Jiri Vanacek, Tomas Jelinek, Iva Goldschnidova, Petra Koziskova, Dagmar Dvorakova, Jitka Voith, Ladislav Habart, Jaroslav Böhm, Matyas Knobloch, Ludmila Jelinkova und Ivana Minarikova


(Photos taken at the set are taken by Rafael Knobloch and Oskar Siebert)


Photogallery here