More than 3 years Oskar and Daniela Siebert have worked on their new short movie. It was not that easy to change such a demanding story into a script. It is a movie story not only about organ donation, but also about the true mother love. “Which human being is determined to give his life for someone else rather than a mother?”. This is the main topic of the new short movie by Oskar and Daniela Siebert. This short movie should not be different from the other “professional” movies, because of its performance.


So the father- daughter movie team has started in March 2004 with the preparation of the script. First of all helpers were searched for the film team and then the actors. The movie makers made it hard for themselves, even with the choice of the location. After many castings, the whole team with the helpers had a plan. The new film team, beside the old staff of videoAktiv Regensburg, Oskar and Daniela Siebert and Jan Lengyel from Prague, Silvia Gross, Barbara Klotzsch, Conni Lorenz, Irmgard Hertting and Aaron Gratz, Oliver Schöffler and Maximilian Meier joined the team.


The choice of the main actors, which should be like the director’s imagination, was not easy. The director chose Doris Dubiel as mother, Danielle Clamer as Isabel, Marek Streit as Horst, Heinz Müller as Professor and Eric Grun as doctor for the actors. Even Daniela and her best friend Dorothea Kühn had to take a role as doctors. Beside the main roles more than 40 supernumerary helped us with the realization.


The doctors Jörg Marienhagen and Ludwig Hecht helped the film makers with difficult medical questions. Only with a maximum help of our movie colleagues and of our “nurse” Erik Grun, the movie team could make difficult scenes at the Uniklinik Regensburg to a film. Erik Grun’s talent as an actor was extraordinary. Sebastian Lange, chef of the rescue team of the Bavarian Red Cross, gave us a rescue car with original team. The rescue team with Heiko Rieder, Alexander Piller and Andreax Thienst convinced the director not only of their medical competence, but also of their dramatical  talent as actors.


The Location was also chosen very carefully. Under the work title “The Heart” the filming started on June 18th in the church, in the wirtshaus, in the rescue car and also in front of and in the Uniklinik Regensburg. While the filming was in progress, director Oskar Siebert still was looking for a good location for the closing scene. After a long searching, Family Schüßel from Parsberg (60km from Regensburg) made their house available for the filming. There the last scenes with the 6 weeks old Marco were filmed. Ten filming days were planned for the short movie.


It seems that everything is ok, but it was just a soon happiness. At the showing of the recording, the director recognized that there were disturbing sounds of the air conditioning, although extern microphone. The director wanted to synchronise everything, because the sound is the most important part of a movie. The movie makers have a lot of work before them. Cutting, synchronising, sound effects, picture effects, and of course the film music have to be done.


The movie team works hard on the project so that it will be finished under the title “Mother” on the 18th of March 2005, for the preview and the 10th anniversary of videoAktiv Regensburg.


From Daniela Siebert