The new project started.


Our new project was a secret....until now.


Oskar and Daniela Siebert finished the script and Daniela started with the work as the producer right after her graduation exams. She rescued the project and that is what it is called: "rescued". The filming is finished and now we can finally tell what happened. "rescued" is a little film- parody about Dracula and his problems to get a new "power station". But don’t panic, everything turns to good.


But not only Dracula was rescued, also the whole film project. After the complicated operation, Oskar has still problems at movements and it hurts really bad.


Good, to have friends.......His film-friend  and designer of our web page, Slavek Sika, from the Czech Teplice helped a lot. Every night from 6.00 p.m. until 3.00 a.m. the whole team, made of non-professionals, worked hard. In front of the camera were only students from the acting academy in Regensburg ( but not Filumena). Thomas Jansen took the main-character. Daniela did, beside the producing and organisation, also the costumes and make-up. Slavek Sika got help from his son Kuba, who did the light, and his father worked behind the camera with Oskar. But now there is again a lot of work- cutting and sound have to be made. It was filmed at cinema-format (16:9 Broadwand).


The whole film-team of about 20 people did great work, also the actors. The total film-production  costs 1.500 Euros.


The City of Regensburg could not sponsor anything, because it want to participate for the “Kulturhauptstadt 2010”, and there is no money for videoAktiv Regensburg.


So, the film-maker has to take the rest costs...............

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