Documentation over Regensburg

A filmmaker never sleeps even if he with the Filmerei long time ago wanted to stop. The love to the stories which form in the head and the movable pictures never leaves rest to the filmmaker probably. „Regensburg is not only a wonderful town, but also native country. Also without predicate - world cultural heritage UNESCO, Regensburg is something special“. For years thus Oskar Siebert has studied not only the history and architecture, but also has heard all other to his town. Already in 1988 Oskar with his daughter Daniela turned a short film about Regensburg with the title: „Come, I show you our town“. This play documentation was distinguished not only with the Photokina in 1988 in Cologne, but has also received numerous film awards.


Now Oskar turns his next documentation about his town which should not cross, however, the border of 3 min. Is this his last film or even other projects follow? Oskar has ideas and stories for several years, but ààààà, but we can be surprised what still comes after his "last" film about Regensburg.