Following the trace of America’s Indians

In October 2007 we were the organizers of the 1st Bavarian- Bohemia film comparison festival. The preparations and the accomplishment were the tasks for the whole year, but our effort was profitable. So we had no time for film making.


Now our documentation about North American Indians is finished. Our 15 minute film has taken so long, because we couldn’t visit America every year and get various film sequences.


First we had an accurate inquest, the preparation of the whole material and lastly the record of the last scenes.


As usual we made the film in three languages. Daniela took the part of the English and German version and Ilona Holesinska (FOXYMON Brün) spoke the Czech commentary at the studio of Jan Lengyel and Tomas Konvicka in Prague. Also this time it was Bavarian- Bohemian cooperation. Surely our last documentary film will be an experiment for the audience and the fans of the non-professional film, as it was for us.