The Prague romance

Friday the 19th April 2002 was the ceremonial preview of the new short movie “The Prague romance” in the auditorium of the VHS Regensburg.



About the Prewiev


This  year we finally made the first int. film-project with colleagues from Czech Republic. In September and October 2001 we filmed in the golden town Prague. We needed 13 days until we had everything filmed.





This int. non-professional film-production was great.

In this production joined the Czech people: Jan Lengyel as Czech producer, Martin Pazdera from the actor- conservatorium as actor, Krystina Fabianova as director assistant, Tomas Vokroj and Roman Volnik as actors and Karel Koci as technical assistant.



VideoAktiv Regensburg: Daniela Siebert author and German producer, Sandra Lehmann ( student from the actor’s school in Munich) as actress, Petra Obermeier and Reinhold Wittke as the film-parents.Eric Grun, Sigmund Schmitzer and Georg Treffer were a great help at technical things. Director and camera-man was Oskar Siebert and the music was composed by the Czech musician Pavel Hokr. (


For future productions we are searching for interests from Germany and foreign countries. Contact us:e-mail: or tel. number   +49 941 31719


we are looking forward to working together.

Your film-team

Oskar a Daniela Siebert