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... it has to be like that.


When Oskar finally said after the shooting in Prague on Sunday 15th May :” That’s it. We’ve got it”, all of us were relieved that the shooting marathon of the latest short movie was completed. The actors and most of the film crew have already gone and only a few of us of the production team went to Jan´s studio to look at the scenes before the final cutting. Until now everything has been O.K., the director had had every take at least 6 to 8 times be repeated and therefore were enough takes to be chosen. Everybody was enthusiastic about the acting performances and the atmosphere in those days until the last scene when several despairing voices interrupted the silence : “ The watch !!!!????”  In the movie “Ben Hur” one warrior had worn a watch and this movie had been awarded with 11 OSCARS; also in the (Czech) movie Jan Ziska an actor playing in the 14th century had a watch around his wrist. Just a little mistake in the big productions.  Oskar almost freaked out because of this “ overseeing” in the scene. NO, NO, NO we need to repeat this scene again. But the leading actor was already on his way to his vacation. We had to make a new appointment for this one scene so that we could re-film it. When we film it again then with a different location, wanted the director. For Thomas Jelinek had the work started and he  looked for a new location. Rafael Knobloch organized a new date for the shooting with the main actor Jiri Vanacek. A date was found quickly so a part of the film crew traveled on Friday 4th  June from Regensburg to Prague.


All members met at the new location, now at the cinema Morava in Prague – Nusle. The owner of the cinema, Mr. Milan Wolf has changed the cinema write a private film museum. His hobby is collecting record machines, technical “Helpers” for making a movie and projectors from the beginning of the motion picture, the cinematography. A treasure of the history of movie. Not only has Mr. Wolf given us room for our shooting but he also borrowed us “unaffordable” probs. So we could film “The last Shot” in the  fairy like atmosphere of the movie history. And finally “That’s it” and we are happy that only through a watch we discovered a treasure of the world movie history.


The next time you are in Prague and you have time and are interested then visit Mr. Wolf who will show you not only his treasures but also will tell the story about every one of his treasures



Daniela Siebert

Photogallery here

Vienna, the city of friendships.


Who does not know Vienna ? The city in the middle of Europe, treasury of European history, architecture, art and culture. This fairy like city has for us unforgettable memories and in Vienna began some of our true friendships.


After our first participation at PSA – int. Film and Video festival in L.A. we had first written contact with our friends Tama and Howard Lockwood from Los Angeles. In June 1999 we had the possibility to meet the Lockwood’s personally while they had made a trip through Europe. Both were impressed by the city of Mozart. (2) At this meeting our friendship grew and the Lockwoods visited us two years  later in Regensburg. This time we could present our history of the town, the treasures of architecture and talk about our hobby – filmmaking. In between we were in L.A. twice. Our friendship is the strongest connection between L.A. and Regensburg.


Our friendship with a filmmaking family from New York began after e-mailing also in Vienna. Willie Eberl was born in Vienna and Pat’s forefathers were Italian. When Willi and Pat have visited their second home, we met us there. I was very happy about the same language, Dany and Pat talked in English and Ingrid just had to listen to the stories about movie making. Willie decided to show us his Vienna. (3) First on the map, then as taxi-driver (4), his "tourist-guidance" and  his narratives about the "Vienna stories" were very amusing. (5) In between he grabbed his camera (6). So at every opportunity Ingrid and Dany were filmed. In front of the "Sacher – Hotel" (7) at eating cake (8) with Mozart (9)+(10) or just a Fiacre (11) Vienna was even at our  4th  visit  very impressing. (13);(14);(15);(16) After our walk through the city we made a stop at Mc Donald’s. a little piece of America so that Willie would not long for the USA. (17) The women had their little secrets (18).  Before we had started to the "Vienna forest" I have taken some photos (19) So that everybody knows that I was also with them, Willie took a few photos to remember (20). The last day before we left, we said goodbye and planned our next meeting, this time not in Vienna but in the Bavarian Regensburg.


report and photos by Daniela and Oskar Siebert

Photogallery here

Cultural Europe


On the 1st May 2004, the Czech Republic joined with nine other East European States the European Union. It is not only a political and economic but also an artistic European Union. So the filmmakers of videoAktiv Regensburg and PEGASFILM Praha decided to produce a cooperative film project. Daniela Siebert and Oskar Siebert wrote a literary proposition for a short film. This short story was also interesting for Jan Lengyel and so both filmmakers from Regensburg and from Prague (who produced THE PRAGUE ROMANCE together) will film in the picturesque capital of the Czech Republic. With organizational help from the Prague painter Rafael Knobloch, the actors Malostranske Besedy, the producer Daniela Siebert and the well-known composer Pavel Hokr, the filming will start in the 2nd half of May. "My shortest film" is the title of the comedy from the year 1925. With this work the filmmakers Daniela Siebert and Oskar Siebert take us into Charley Chaplin’s time.

It is not only a contribution to the joining of Czech Republic to the EU, but also a present for the 45th annual of the "Brün 16".


Report by Silke Jordan

Cooperation with Mr. Chris Hayes


The world is full of surprises and also art is full of them. The artistic engagement has so many faces and needs a broad creativity. So I could experience the many faces of the Head from videoAktiv Regensburg, Script- writer, Camerman and director Oskar Siebert as an actor. A co-production of the Actor Company and the Music College Regensburg. Together they have created the musical "Cabaret" in April this year. And so Oskar Siebert could collect many experiences in acting, now under the directions of the English Star-Director Chris Hayes. Mr. Chris Hayes is famous for his Shakespear productions worldwide. His artistic trip from London to Regensburg has not only brought an artistic adventure but a lot of positive experiences. But Oskar does not want to change from the film onto the stage, it is just a source of experiences and a great honor to work with Chris Hayes, although it is just a little role as a guest, a taxi-driver and a seaman. The first night was on Thursday the 15th of April. Additional performances are planned on the: 16th , 22nd, 23rd April and 5th, 6th, 7th, 12th, 13th, 14th August 2004.


A mutual cooperation between videoAktiv Regensburg and the Acting Company Regensburg.



Report by Daniela Siebert

The year 2004 began for both of us, me and Daniela with a lot of problems. Daniela studies in Bamberg and visits us only every 3rd week in Regensburg. This short visit costs a lot of time and work for her. A bunch of translations and the last corrections on our newest script. Our new film project can start- the first title- "The heart".


The most demanding short film project. With this film we go back to our social- critical origin. At this time the mother and her love to her daughter plays the most important part. But we don’t want to give more details away. For this project we get some help. Not only from the actors, but also from people that are very interested to work with us. The filming will start in the first weeks of May and the last one in October. So it will take with the work afterwards, cutting, music and sound, nearly one year until the film is ready.


The preview will be in spring 2005 when we are going to celebrate our 10th anniversary of videoAktiv Regensburg.

At the moment we watch our material from our short visit in New York and then we will work out a cutting plan. Our trip to the Big Apple was so fast and spontaneous so that we had no time to prepare us for it. After the landing we were so fascinated and overwhelmed. That is why we decided us to make a short report. It is our intention to show the audience our view and not to present a world metropolitan of America in a long documentation.


So in the time when our film- parody was shown at the international film and video festivals, we are working on new film projects.

Preview – "RESCUED"


After finishing a project, the organizers thank the numerous people that helped in any way. The same process is after finishing a short-film. At the same time, the film is presented to the public.


At Friday, the 24th videoAktiv Regensburg presented his new 14 minutes long film parody “Rescued” to the public, the audience, the media and the numerous helpers. The head of the acting school Regensburg helped not only with its students, but they also gave their rooms for the preview for free. One of the nicest gestures was to see Mr. Dr. Schulz from the Stadtrat, Kulturausschussmitglied and Vorsitzender of the Regensburg Kulturstiftung and Mr. Wax from the Kulturverwaltung des Bezirks Oberpfalz. We were also happy to welcome the represents of the press. The journalist Mrs. Gabriele Mayer watched our new film very critical. In the program was also the showing of the two latest and successful films. After that the film “Rescued” flew to the wall. Like some of our later projects, this was also teamwork with our film colleagues from Czech Republic. Everybody was really impressed about the film and also at the After-Show-Party was a lot of talking and discussions between the audience, actors and the film makers.



VideoAktiv Regensburg has its 10th anniversary 2005. We are really looking forward to working on our next project with our Czech colleagues, in spring next year.


From Daniela Siebert




Award from the Europe-City Passau


The city Passau was the setting for the 25th EURO FILMFESTIVAL from Thursday until Saturday. The organizer was the Amateur Filmclub Passau, that celebrated its 25th birthday during the last days. More than 95 non-professional films from 12 nations of Europe were presented, not only the jury but also the numerus audience and the present film authors. Also this time the film of the film makers from Regensburg were qualified to this Euro Filmfestival. Erik Grun with his film "days after the Power" and Oskar and Daniela Siebert with "The Prague Romance". Both short films from the Regensburg film makers were awarded with the silber prize of the European filmfestival. The film "The fifth Dimension" by Manfred Pilsz from Austria was awarded with the GOLD FILMBOUND. But there was a special honor for the Regensburg filmmakers Oskar and Daniela Siebert, their film "The Prague Romance" was also awarded with the "Special prize of the city Passau for a Film with culture-connected content".


Rudi Obermeier

Director of the festival


Australian "Oscar" goes to Regensburg


This year in April, the amateur production "The Prague Romance" by Oskar and Daniela Siebert did not only impress the Australian audience, but also the members of the jury. At the 57th International Amateur Film and Video Festival 2003, "The Prague Romance" was awarded as the best amateur production of the festival. After this event many more awards and gold medals from the USA and Europe followed. At the American Festival in the State of Mississippi, Sieberts film was not accepted because it was a "professional production" for an amateur and so it was set to the "Independent" category. Although this happened the filmmakers of Regensburg won the Gold Medal.


On this Sunday (21.09.03) we got joyful news. At the 36th Melbourne International Movie Festival at the Australian Melbourne, the best amateur production in the category "Photoplay", "The Prague Romance" by Oskar and Daniela Siebert from Regensburg/ Germany won the BRONZE CINEMAN. The festive price giving will take place on Saturday, the 18th October 2003 in Melbourne/ Australia (but unfortunately without the German winners).


The new project started.


Our new project was a secret....until now.


Oskar and Daniela Siebert finished the script and Daniela started with the work as the producer right after her graduation exams. She rescued the project and that is what it is called: "rescued". The filming is finished and now we can finally tell what happened. "rescued" is a little film- parody about Dracula and his problems to get a new "power station". But don’t panic, everything turns to good.


But not only Dracula was rescued, also the whole film project. After the complicated operation, Oskar has still problems at movements and it hurts really bad.


Good, to have friends.......His film-friend  and designer of our web page, Slavek Sika, from the Czech Teplice helped a lot. Every night from 6.00 p.m. until 3.00 a.m. the whole team, made of non-professionals, worked hard. In front of the camera were only students from the acting academy in Regensburg ( but not Filumena). Thomas Jansen took the main-character. Daniela did, beside the producing and organisation, also the costumes and make-up. Slavek Sika got help from his son Kuba, who did the light, and his father worked behind the camera with Oskar. But now there is again a lot of work- cutting and sound have to be made. It was filmed at cinema-format (16:9 Broadwand).


The whole film-team of about 20 people did great work, also the actors. The total film-production  costs 1.500 Euros. The Culture Foundation REWAG of Regensburg gave 500 Euros for the film.


The City of Regensburg could not sponsor anything, because it want to participate for the “Kulturhauptstadt 2010”, and there is no money for videoAktiv Regensburg.


So, the film-maker has to take the rest costs...............

Galerie I  Galerie II

Bavarian OSCAR 2003


Every year the film academy awards the professional filmmakers and actors, and the best gets the famous OSCAR. Also in Bavaria a well known film  trophy is given to the best non-professional filmmakers. Bavarian film clubs fight for the right to organize the festival in their town. The best and most interesting films are chosen by a jury to be nominated for this event. Another jury has the difficult task to award the seven BAVARIAN LIONS, known as the most wanted Bavarian film trophy. This event is a must for most film makers. The Sieberts took part (for the 2nd time) at the 24th Bavarian Film and Video Events in Neustadt a.d. Aisch and went home with a "Bavarian Oscar 2003" for their "Prague Romance". More than 17 years the Sieberts produce short films that are awarded, since 1995, with over 100 international prizes and awards. With "The Prague Romance", the first German- Czech co production and first international film production, the Sieberts had convinced Bavaria with its artistic and high quality. For the Sieberts, the "Bavarian Oscar 2003" is s special award, because now it is not missing anymore between the 123 international awards.



Translation : Daniela Siebert

Also in Australia the best


A special success and a high recognition for the father- daughter Team from the Australian Melbourne. "The Prague Romance" was awarded with the "Ten Best Winner Over the Years 2003" and the "Australia’s Ten Best". Since 1947 there were only three German filmmakers who received this honor.

For the year 2003 and the history of Australia’s non-professional film festival, "The Prague Romance" with its authors Oskar and Daniela Siebert from Regensburg as one of the "Ten Best Over the Years 2003" are the fourth most successful filmmakers from Germany. An award that is not only a success for the film team, but also a successful representation of Germany at the worldwide, non- professional and cultural events.


Translation : Daniela Siebert



The year 2003 starts with a succes at BDFA

With winning the first place at the 12th Liebensteiner Film & Video Days,  the filmmakers Oskar and Daniela Siebert succeeded to break through the  mistrust of BDFA with their new film "The Prague Romance".  


At the festival Oberpfalz/ Niederbayern in February 2003, the "romance"
was  nominated with the 1st place beside the short films of Erik Grun. "The Prague Romance" was also awarded 3 times for the special award, and the  author Oskar Siebert was got the prize for the best camera work. We heard   that the organisation of the festival was very hectically and so the winner   was given the tin tag instead of the camera prize.


After this great success of the "Prague Romance", the film was entranced to  the 24th Bavarian Film + Video festival. This Bavarian top event of the  season takes place from the 4th until the 6th April 2003 in Neustadt a.d.  Aih. The film is also qualified to the Bundesfilmfestival 2003 in Rottach- Egern at the Tegernsee (9th and 10th May 03).

"The Prague Romance" is invited to over 20 international film festivals all  over the world like  Australia, Belgium, Germany, England, Guernsey, Italy,  Ireland, Austria, Russia, Slovenia, Portugal, Scandinavia, and the USA.

We hope that our film, the first German- Czech co-production, is, beside  the representation, also a sympathy for the German non- professional  cinematography and a sympathy for the audience.

A report by Daniela Siebert