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The current film project by the school drama class.
Producer: Robert Prill       
Director: Oskar Siebert

On 30th November, after a busy year, the film project our drama class undertook, was finally premiered before 200 eager pupils in the Garbo Cinema, Regensburg. The nearly 70 minute musical film was convincing, thanks to the acting achievements of the pupils and and the mature "Oscar" director!


(Pindle Private Secondary School inc., Regensburg)

A special film festival "Festival dobrych zprav"


On the 17th and 18th of November the Christian television broadcasting station has TV Noe in the Czech city of Ostrava be 2nd film festival organised. It is a special festival. Particularly not only because it itself around a film festival trades this for non-professional as well as for professional filmmakers is, but also for his thematic messages. All submitted contributions should contain the „good news“. Thus one finds in the actions of the contributions no murder, sex, power or person despising actions.


After the ceremonious opening of the festival on Tuesday 17th of November, by the festival - and TV Noe manager father Leo Ryska, all 24 final films were emitted. The television viewers had the possibility to choose her favorites by e-mail or SMS from the short films. After the radiation of all films the organizers had to count till the small hours not only several hundred voices, and also accept the enclosed comments and evaluate.


Also the jury did not have to select it easily between the contributions the best films for the prices. For her specific features 3 film contributions with an honourary honouring were also roofed and between the excellent films also our short feature "MOTHER". After the grounds of the jury our film was by his contents and the dramaturgical elaboration as a feature, between the documentary films, a special film. Not only the film "MOTHER" was distinguished with a laudatory recognition, and we were honoured, as videoactive Regensburg, „for our international activities of the German-Czech cooperation between videoactively Regensburg and TV Noe Ostrava with a recognition as "a bridge farmer".


It was a wonderful and special film festival with which for the filmmakers not the prices were important but be the message and „Besides,“. With which film festival are the films already emitted by a transmitter which one can see with satellite receipt in the whole world?





Are nominated…


E see a dream is for every filmmaker him his film to a competition sends where on the quality the professional jury from the world decides the film and the television. It is in "Camgaroo Award", always in such a way. In the press is called of the Camgaroo Award, in the meantime, "Oscar the amateur moviemaker.” From several hundred of film contributions become, according to many technical criteria judges as for example:


Contents, ex-pose /dramaturgical construction/

Camera work

Cut, postproduction


Tension, fun, action

and the overall impression


The skilled jury nominates six best films in every category. Besides, all received films are judged according to the prescribed assessment criteria with a point system. The nominated receive an invitation for the Camgaroo-Award-Night to Munich and take part there in the final removal. Moreover, the winners „We will love cinema“ of film award and the best screenplay well-chosen. The winners are chosen live before the press and the TV on the "Camgaroo-Award-Night".


Also our short feature „My shortest film“ belongs in the AK 4, to six nominated for the "Camgaroo Award 2009" We are glad on the 30th of October in the hall of the fair ICM of Munich, on long "Camgaroo-Award-Night". With the presentation are shown only from the nominated contributions cuttings of the film, before the television presenter announces: "….and the winner is...": afterwards the prices are handed and then there are the best films to see in full length on the gigantic canvas. After the presentation „a long Camgaroo-Award-Night expects the filmmakers.“


Here everybody is once again nominated in our age category:


"Die Lofoten" Klaus Goerne (feet, Germany)

"Nighthawks" Bernhard Hartmann (bath Heilbrunn, Germany)

"Cinema in the head" Andreas Leimcke (Easter ode in the resin, Germany)

"Film tear" Christoph&Ralph Neukötter, Christian Schnitker (goods village, Germany)

"My shortest film" Oskar Siebert (Regensburg, Germany)

"Trouble in the first row" Elke & Edwin Witschital (Schwalmstadt, Germany)


Photos from the shooting:



Summer Love


Just Oskar Siebert with the music teacher Robert Prill of the Priv has. Secondary school inc. PINDL Regensburg the third multi-media project concluded. A film project which has stretched more than nearly 8 months. A musical film "Summer Love" after the presentation of "Grease". The pupils and female pupils have thought up the presentation for the 45-minute film themselves and have scored. Robert Prill rehearsed the songs with the pupils, organised the admissions in a recording studio, looked after the costumes and the equipment, organised the actors and also protected the suitable locations. Woman Hort-Schramm rehearsed the dances with the dance group and also led the choreography. Oskar Siebert led the camera, co-ordinated the images of the Schüller and made together with Robert Prill from the images and wishes a film. The direction tried to lead at least a little bit Oskar schneidete, and also made the postsetting. Now everything is in the box as the filmmakers say. A few more corrections and the film are ready for the film premiere. It was not only a gigantic school project with the numerous pupils and female pupils of the secondary school, but hundreds of voluntary hours and diligent work. Now one remains only, the suitable space for the premiere to find, to fix an appointment and to say, finally: „Film from“.


Regulation or only one chance?


Was the chance or regulation that Oskar Siebert has got to know the cinemagoer Gerhard Jagow from Hamburg? Because Gerhard a little bit is different as the other "cinemagoers", he has decided himself in addition after the lost past of Oskars lives to look. Gerhard has investigated in the Hamburg film library, has looked and has found. Thus he could send the quite last year to his friend Oskar a few film copies with those his father as a unit manager in the post-war period in Hamburg has worked. However, this was not enough. Thus Gerhard Jagow has searched father also for former employees of Oskars and has found them. To Werner Schulz who has worked nearly 60 years of bem film has itself for the „lost son from Bavaria“ in the generating has laid. To Werner Schulz has also worked together with Georg Siebert with several film productions and thus he could also remember Oskars father. To Werner Schulz has still remembered that Georg Siebert has also joined in in a film. The search for the film with Georg Siebert was very intensive, until Gerhard and Werner made a find. "The lost" is called the discussed film with Peter Lorres from 1951. In the film Georg Siebert plays a refugee who is treated by Dr. Karl Rothe (Peter Lorre). Also his only sentence in the film: "Dìkuji pane doktore" (Thank you doctor), a recollection on his - during the war should be a lost wife and his children-. (Oskars mother was a film extra in Prague where the both have become acquainted at the shooting and thus Oskras mother has moved to Berlin where Oskar was born.


It was an indescribable feeling which Oskar cannot express if he of it speaks as him his father to the first time has seen. „It is a piece of my life, a piece of my past for me. It is to be seen indescribably own father after 65 years "alive", because I have only 3 photos of my father.“


Georg Siebert has started in 1926 as a cameraman in Berlin, has further worked than directorial assistant and after the war from 1947 than unit manager in Hamburg. Only in a film Georg Siebert who has reached like a message to his son and his family has joined in. Only thanks of the nice friendship of Gerhard Jagow and Werner Schulz could conclude Oskar Siebert his search for the recollections of his father.






Step in the life (… the resignation should be?)


With a laughing one and a crying eye we have the last time Daniela's way in your future, pursues. After her successful study in „comparative cultural science“ at the Regensburger university with the end "Bakkalaurea Artium" Daniela has ventured the first step in the real life. Daniela's aim after her successful study was to continue her politico-cultural engagement by profession in Regensburg.  Because this did not appear as her professional way, Daniela made an additional education in the „social manager and cultural manager“. After this successful end Daniela was taken over during her training period in Straubing. The management of the "Straubinger Ausstellungs-und Veranstaltungs GmbH" has warmly enclosed Daniela immediately in an experienced working group. Daniela has used your chance and has proved her qualities, creativity as well as her professionalism at the organisation of the Gäubodenvolksfestes, the second largest public festival of Bavaria, also. As a recognition of her qualification, engagement and a good cooperation the management Daniela has offered an employment contract.


Daniela takes part in the life of a town which has a future and perspective, in a town which is not afraid of something new, boys and creative. The city of Straubing places on young people and graduates and builds up with it her future.


With a crying eye we observe that not only Daniela hundreds of young people separate our city of Regensburg, as well as must leave Upper Palatinate because here other criteria than „Jung, qualifies, are preferred creatively and independent“.


We wish a lot of success for her future Daniela and we thank her for her many years' engagement for the city of Regensburg, for the international representation and numerous prices and recognitions and for her international activities in the non-professional film.


By now we miss you.

videoAktiv team.


 Ludwig Ferstl has passed away

On the 27th of June at 15:30 o'clock our friend and special person, after a heavy illness passed away at the age of 95 years.


Ludwig Ferstl was occupied since 1948 as a representative of the big paper group ZEWA. On his numerous business travels through Europe his photo camera Leica was beside his "beetle" also a constant and loyal companion. He was a passionate photographer. Although taking a photo was forbidden in some countries, the love to take a photo was often stronger than the fear, and thus amateur photographer Ludwig Ferstl could present to us his pictures in the numerous slide shows.


Ludwig Ferstl was not only an author of numerous slide shows, but also a passionate amateur filmmaker. His features which he has turned with young people and students on 8 mm have harvested not only the recognitions with the jury, but also with the numerous spectators. More than 20 years Ludwig Ferstl has represented the non-professional film as a cultural advisory board of the city of Regensburg. For his activities as an author and as a member in different film clubs in Regensburg, Ludwig Ferstl with the honourary medallion of the LFVB was distinguished. Ludwig Ferstl became not only known in the art - and cultural scene of the town, but very much popularly.


Ludwig Ferstl emitted integrity, sincerity, artistic talent and honesty; he always had an open ear not only for the artists and cultural-creative, but also for the thousands of inhabitants of the city of Regensburg as an advisory board chairperson of the Stadtbau GmbH. Resists advanced blindness and his illness Ludwig Ferstl worked together with me on his photo exhibition over Yugoslavia at that time.


We have lost one of ourselves all respected good and true friend, a special person in who we saw a role-model. Ludwig Ferstl remains enclosed in our hearts for eternity.


In the name of videoaktiv Regensburg

Oskar Siebert

His friend


DANKE/Thank You /Dekuji



Also this year we have taken part, in this year's north film Doctorate in Challenge in 2009. Although ours 1.min short film THANKS by the professional jury not it was distinguished, the judgements as well as the criticism became very positive. Very pleasantly ours became to the visit number as well as the spectator's evaluations with it Film as - Winner of the Member Vote - was called. 19 productions stood not only the professional jury but also to the spectators for her judgements. On the 16th of May at 24 o'clock the results were announced:


We have the winners!

1st prize: "2040" by Guido Haesen, Luxemburg /56 times elective/

2nd prize: "Coincidence" by Hans Vaisma, Estonia /50 times elective/

Winner of the Member Vote: "Danke/Thank You" by Oskar & Daniela Siebert, Germany /162  times elective/


We thank all visitors who have our short film eingeklickt and also for our film your voice delivered.  Our film is free for downloading.


Thank you

Oskar and Daniela Siebert

videoaktiv team




#1- A really good movie which in a few scenes showing human helpfulness, or lack of same


#2 - A good film that gives food for thought about. our fellow man!


#3 – THANKS! Finally a rain movie!(Why don’t we film makers shoot those more  often?) The rain fits very well with the mood of the story. It is a small, subtle story that therefore plays rather gently.

Solidly camerawork, picture construction and editing. The single piece of dialogue: "Get lost!" is accentuated.

The principal actor is very expressive without exaggerating. Quick glimpses and facial expressions. Almost dull. To the slight smile and the disturbing ear-muffs, that are so ugly, they become beautiful again.

In the end, the man in his hole-filled socks simply walks off out of the picture....
What do I like: it remains unclear why the man stuffs his shows in and goes away. (Who would really do this?) But each viewer can think about it for himself - and I like that in the film.
I would have cut the man's stares a little and rather gone with a gentle pan, so that the film would flows better.

And one until a little colour adjustment of the pictures would have given the film a little more moody look.


#4 - This amusing and thought-provoking film is not new. It has had considerable success. It is very well made.

It tell its little story very well indeed. The stormy weather is not essential to the plot, but does add to our sympathy for the hero. The soundtrack is very well composed of rain and thunder sounds, few of which were probably recorded at the time.

The moral lesson: that those who are poor best understand the need to help those who have nothing. It is nonsense, of course, for him to walk off in the remains of his socks. But his ear-muffs suggest he may not be totally sane.

The fact that such a shop has such a collection box, but tells the tramp to “Get lost!” – and that the lady customer is not encouraged to donate her old shoes – makes it clear that the shop keeper is a hypocrite.

If there were some obvious way to link this to a promotion for NordFilm it might have been a winner, but it is complete in itself. The message its promotes is a different one.


Biography in the WHO is WHO
The Federal Republic of Germany

Our short film Mother With Korean subtitle


It is a special honour and honouring, that our short film for us "Mother" to the „The Seoul World Short Film& video festival in 2009” it was invited. With the help and translation of the dialogues from MRS. SOO JIN PARK, we have with the technical help of Jan Lengyel this short film with Korean subtitles finished. We are glad, the fact that our film also the numerous festival spectators understand in Seoul become. Enclosed a few photos from the film with Korean titles.







Guest in the broadcasting TV NOE

In German - Czech reconciliation


In November, 2008 I have written on our Internet sites a report on a special film festival "Festival dobrych zpráv" (festival of good news) and his organizer, television broadcasting station to TV NOE (Telepace) in Czech Republic. With this festival I was personally present and thus I have also collected not only many positive experiences, but also have got to know many "special" people.


At the beginning of January e-mail from Reverent Jaroslav Kratka, scriptwriter and presenter TV Noe from Czech Republic has reached me. Reverent Kratka has written to me that he has belonged of my life destiny and he has resolved a broadcasting to turn about my life for the programme "Pro vita mundi" with me.


Thus I was invited on the 19th of February in the TV studio TV NOE to Ostrava in Nordmähren. In the TV studio of "Telepace" I have met for the first time the Reverenten Jaroslav Kratka. With a cup of coffee I have told Reverent Kratka about my life as a child of a German direction of the film assistant from Berlin and a film extra from Prague.


I am born in 1942 in Berlin and end of the II world war I was kidnapped together with my sister to Prague. Our mother followed us and thus we have experienced the end of the war in the protectorate at that time Bohemian's Moravia. In this time my father was long ago in captivity. He swept only in 1947 back to Berlin and found only one ausbombardiertes house without every track of his family. Thus my father moved to Hamburg where he has gone on working with the film and died in 1959, completely alone. The war has torn apart our family and thus my life destiny has started.


My life was a life of a child which was called child of a German father and a Czech mother (as a collaborator called) suddenly as the „German“ and was responsible in the eyes of many Czechs for the war and the millions dead people. Although our family was destroyed by the war and we ourselves have lost our father, we were for many Czechs a storage tank of her hatred. We were made remain in Czechia and integrate themselves what we have also done. In spite of the integration a study was forbidden to many Germans in the CSSR at that time in the colleges. In the Tschechoslowakischen at that time republic only children of the working class and the communists might form the "intelligence" of the state.In spite of all difficulties which pursued me many years my connection with the Czech people was never destroyed and at that time I felt as One of them. By the theatre I have reached to the film and to the achievement sport. I was very active and ambitious. I became one of the foundation members of the new "youth organisation" of Svaz klubu mladeze (association for youth centres). I was so engaged that I have fought in 1968 together with many Czech public figures against the invasion of the military of the Warschauerpacktes and against the terror of the Soviet Union as well as the complete rule of the communist regime of the CSSR.


In 1970 when the communists by the Soviet Union again have conquered the full power about the country and about the people, arrests, pursuit and the discrimination followed. After the initiated arrest and investigation by the state security (STB) my passport was taken from me immediately and I was called class enemy and danger for socialist Czechoslovakia as well as the Soviet Union. I was called for my engagement "dissident". Many years' discrimination and pursuit entailed that sports trainers were strictly forbidden to me every public activity as an actor, like every middle-class activity. Since this time I have fought for my crossing the border back to Germany. Only in 1976 with the support of the organisation for human rights, my crossing the border was granted to me.


Thus I am turned on the 15th of July, 1976 with big expectation back to Germany. I was happy not only to return in the country of my origin but to live in future in my native country, country of the freedom and the justice. Already after a few weeks I had to find out that the justice is only one unimportant WORD also in the German politics. It was refused to me mine „not lost or delivered“ German nationality. Only the Bavarian administrative court had to decide on my rights and my nationality. The bureaucracy and the discrimination of the „state power of the German politics“ follow up me, as (not approved) war victim. When "West German one" him was made the past 20 years work in the third country, the pension deduction of 40% was arranged to me by the decision of the German Bundestag and this decision was sanctioned by the highest court of Germany. Of course this discrimination and the so-called „social justice“ do not concern the German fellow citizens from the „GDR at that time“. Finally, our „fellow citizens from the east have“ a strong political representation in our politics and thus many exceptions as well as many NEW laws, are also created in this sense for them. A German is not immediately a German. Our politicians fight for „social as well as a political justice and for the human rights“ in the foreign countries of this world, but not with us in Germany. In spite of my lifelong discrimination, the fight for justice and for the human rights, I have myself for the reconciliation between the German and Czech, engaged after my possibilities. I felt no hatred on the people, but on the politics which stands far from the justice and the democracy and with it I further feel the need every engagement for the penetration of the justice and the reconciliation.


Because of my life destiny as well as my positive setting to the question of the reconciliation between the German and Czech, Jaroslav Kratka has invited me Reverent on the 20.02.09 to a live broadcasting „with the round table“, for the subject „German-Czech reconciliation“. Other guests of this broadcasting were Mrs. Edith Koslerova, a German after the war to Germany was not pushed away. To her became to remain together with her mother in spite of whom permits "Benes decrees", in Czechoslovakia - as a cheap worker-. From the Czech side were present the interlocutors Mr. Pavel Wesely, mayor a.d. of the city of Nov ý Jicin and Mr. Petr Anderle Vorsitzender Organisation "Vlastenecky poutnik". This 90-minute live broadcasting has presented Reverent Jaroslav Kratka. Numerous spectators have called during the broadcasting or have expressed her opinions, experiences or also questions by SMS or e-mail. It was to be about for me not only interesting with such a live broadcasting but to experience something "NEW" where in the discussion not only "politicians" have spoken who have not experienced the times even, but which have taken the right about us to "people" to decide. In these essential points the broadcasting TV NOE has differed from the other juridical, particularly with us in Germany to produced discussions.


I feel not only honoured that I was invited to this broadcasting, but it is a special experience for me that a Christian transmitter which one can receive over satellite in the whole world deals with such subjects not only, but to many people from the soul speaks. I am persuaded myself that the Czechs as well as many Germans are ready for a reconciliation and that these people carry no hatred in her hearts, and will carry. But only if the politics and the politicians were not who would appeal systematically to these relations in the negative sense for decades or scatter in the curative sore salt.




Report of Oskar Siebert

Photo : TV Noe



On the 7th of March Daniela Siebert has celebrated her 25-year-old birthday. Daniela already confessed as a 4-year-old girl in her first film about Regensburg „Come, I show you our town“, before the camera. Daniela was not only in 1995 a foundation member of videoAktiv Regensburg, but a weight-bearing column of that film group. For her activities as well as her engagement in the area of the non-professional film, Daniela became with numerous prices and honouring, particularly in America, Australia, Canada, Europe and in South Korea, a known filmmaker. For her international activities and working together with the Czech filmmakers Miss Daniela Siebert was distinguished by the land president Film and video  Bavaria Mr. Leopod Petzenhauser with the honorary medallion of the land association of Bavaria.


On the 25th of March 2009 Daniela Siebert takes over together with her father Oskar Siebert, artistic leader and director from videoAktiv Regensburg, the honouring

"Bridge former 2009" in the Bavarian City Schönsee against.


We wish Daniela Siebert for her 25th birthday all the best and a lot of success for her future.


videoAktiv team

Ludwig Ferstl



2009 has begun not with a "movie" success, but with another very important one. On Thursday 15th of January, 2009, we were invited to the ceremony where Daniela Siebert was awarded a doctorate by the Philosophy Faculty of Regensburg University. Daniela, as the most recent graduate, has completed her studies in comparative cultural science at Regensburg University.  From the hand of the Dean of the Philosophy Faculty, Prof. Dr. Rainer Hammwöhner, Daniela received her final certificate and with it a Bachelor of Arts in the Science of Comparative Cultures. In the meantime Daniela with futher advanced training has won an  additional qualification as social manager and cultural manager.


We congratulate Daniela on her success and with all our heart, we wish her great success in her professional and private future.


The Videoaktiv Team




The VideoAktiv Team