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On the 25th Nov Oskar Siebert from Regensburg was awarded  For his long and ambitious aktivity in the amateur movie world and for his international cooperation in the rage of the non- professional movies in Europe….” With a HONORABLE MEMBERSHIP at the Czech Film and Video Club.

A star for Oskar


Los Angeles is not only the metropolitan for Stars and the movie industry but „heaven“ for all who love the medium film. Over thousand visitors walk over the “walk of fame”, the stars and handprints of the famous in Hollywood.


Also Oskar Sieberts dream came true- it couldn’t be a star on Hollywood’s grounds, but Oskar got his own star.


After the trip to the States, his daughter Daniela and her best friend Doro came back and brought a Hollywood star with “OSAKR SIEBERT” on it.


Now the star decorates the working room of the movie maker, beside the many movie-awards and prizes.













The Last Take


On the 18th of March 2003, after the short movie preview of "Mother", Jaroslav Sika and Jiri Nebos gave the "Honorable membership" of the Czech film club KONEF to Oskar and Daniela Siebert.


Although, Oskar Siebert, most successful filmmaker in Regensburg ensured us that "Mother" would be his last short movie, Oskar made an exception. For the film freinds of the Czech town Teplice, Oskar wrote a script for a 3 minute movie. The Czech film colleagues invited him to the filming and therefore Oskar had to plcae himself in front of the camera as a blind "faker". Jaroslav Sika made the organisation and the camera man whereas his film colleague Jiri Nebos took the technical tasks and a role as a "sin" monk. His son Jakub Sika, who was at the filming of "Rescued" an unbareable helper, took the role of the photographer. It was not easy with two actors who stand tin front of the camera their first time in their life, but Jaroslav and Jiri will try to make a film out of it with the cutting and the sound.It was a great afternoon and very friendshiply where Osakr and his film colleagues could talk about their film experiences and tried scenes with the camera cran. With the rain at the soccer field of the Czech town Roudnice, 50km after Prague, the film team finished their filming.


"It was very nice to be with my friends and make a movie with them, although the "Mother" is really my last production. It is surely not easy to give up his most passionate hobby, but every engagement for the non- professional film has no future in Regensburg and its cultural politics."


Photogallery here


An interview with Oskar Siebert by Dorothea Kühn

33th Festival of the Nations


From the 19th – 25th June 2005 the biggest and greatest non – professional film festival of Europe took place in the Austrian fairy – like town Ebensee. The best film entries out of 700from all over the world (55 nations) were shown to the int. jury and the audience. Festival director Mr. Erich Riess with his young team charmed a colorful and cultural program beside the awesome film projection. The chosen entries were separated in many blocks and after each projection, the jury judgment teak place.


The high qualified int. jury under the head of Mr. Filippo Lubiato from Switzerland worhed tegether with Mrs. Zuzana Skodulova (Slowakia), Miss Monika Haskova (Czech Republik) and Mr. Dr. Adoflf Opel and Dr. Horst Gerhartingen (Austria). The discussions were not only very interesting but also high qualified. Dr. Franz Schlager was very hard – working to adrevtise for “his” “Koreazug” of the UNICA 2006 in a great way throughout  the festival. Also the yang team, that did the projection, did a great job.  Beside at the discussion and the projections we had the chance to meet film friends from Scotland, Belgium, Russia and Austria.


At the jury judgment of our short movie “ My shortest Movie” we were honored with 4x2nd and 1 voice for 1st place. The silver Ebensee bear  is our! After the judgment the 33rd Festival of the Nations was not only a success for us but also a great success for the non-professional film in Europe.


Photogallery here



Daniela Siebert

The word of the author and founding – father.


In March ´95 we founded a small movie group, which serves as the basis for our non – professional short – movie productions.During the 10 years we did not only worked a lot but we also developed in our filming skis.From the little Daniela, who made her first steps in front of  the camera 17 years ago and also made experiences be hind the camera (in the movie : Come, I will show you our city), is now a grown – up student with a widespread knowledge  and skills in the movie – scene, trough her 10 years of intensive work at movie productions. During the 10 years, we made more than 15 short – movies. 12 of these productions represented our movie group, the city Regensburg at more than 250 int. non – professional film festivals. Not always have our short movies been as successful as we wished, although were these works awarded with more than 170 film awards. At the movie productions we had over 200 helpers. 5 short – movies were made with our Czech colleagues as border – crossing film projects.


Our latest short movie “MOTHER” was our highest – standard production with  the movie team and 60 helpers. Film preview  was at March 18, 2005) More than  2 years did Daniela and I work on the script and the organization. Finally our movie is finished and we certainly can be satisfied. This short movie is the height of our cultural activities.  For the 10th anniversary of videoAktiv Regensburg Daniela and her friend from the university made an exhibition “From Regensburg whiles the whole world” in the city library (March 4 – April 2, 2005)   A cultural campaign as extraordinary in the cultural – political history of the city.


The visitors of this exhibition could look  behind the scenes with shooting pictures of numerous productions. The most valuable and extraordinary film – trophies were exhibits. Also this time we take our readers of our homepage behind the scenes in our photo – gallery. We thank you all, guests and readers of our homepage of videoAktiv Regensburg for your truth and we are looking forward to your support.


Photogallery here


Oskar and Daniela Siebert

founding fathers of videoAktiv Regensburg and short – movie authors.

We are back again

February 2005


A long time we were silent but we haven’t slept. My Dad had an operation on his ahoulder again on the 17th Dec. and he has got a new artificial limb which is called "Inversion artificial limb". A week after the operation my dad had a lot of complications. An infection with bacteria was the diagnosis. An intense treatment with antibiotic and every day medical controll haven’t given a better situation. With a little delay we worked on our latest movie project. Oliver, our sound boy worked hard on the sound and tried to make something out of the impossible. We thank Oliver a lot for the good sound. Under the director’s directions from Oskar, the sound effects were mixed and are finished. At this time, Pavel Hokr, student from the college for mechanical engineering and hobby musician from Prague, works on the composition of our sound track. Sabine Gratz did the graphical work for our ads, posters, Invitations and took it to the print. The preview from our latest movie (18th March 2005) and also the exhibition because of our 10th anniversary of videoAktiv Regensburg (4th March 2005) comes closer. We still have a lot of work to do until finally the short movie is done. Silently we work on suprising our audience with our latest movie "MOTHER".


I will inform you about our works and news.  Photogallery here


Daniela Siebert

Head of the organization