News 2010

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Dear film friends,


the voting for the citizen award 2010 is completed. I want to thank all of you, everyone who gave me his vote. Thank you so much! With your help I received 3.645 votes, the first place in the category “cultural projects”. This year the votes won’t count, after a belated decision of the jury. Although I am very happy that over 3.550 votes let the interest and the honour of the non-professional filmmaking and my complimentary work come to the fore.


Oskar Siebert

Chief of  videoAktiv Regensburg


Sad News


On Saturday, 11th September 2010 sad information received us from the States. Our best friend, an amazing American filmmaker, juror and organizer of many film festivals, Mr. Howard Lockwood died on Friday 10th September 2010.


Howard was not only our best friend but he was the person, who repaired 1997 our damaged video which has been awarded and also a successful start at the PSA international Film Festival in Los Angeles. Howard also organized the preview of our film “The Prague Romance” in L.A. We have been members at the American non-professional movie clubs like PSA, AMMA and AMPS, because of our friend Howard. With his wife Tama, Howard visited us in Europe twice and I can say that he loved the bohemian music, the German beer and our city Regensburg.


Howard, we will always keep you in our hearts and we will never forget you.


Oskar and Daniela



The Festival of Nations has a new look.

The 38th Festival of Nations began on Sunday, 13th June in the cinema at Ebensee, an Austrian town by the Traunsee. After the solemn opening
ceremony involving festival director Mr. Erich Riess and prominent figures
from culture and politics, the person who had travelled furthest to attend,
Mrs. Jan Watterson from Bath, Britain used a good pair of Austrian scissors
to cut a symbolic strip of videotape - and thus formally opened the 38th Festival of Nations.

After the opening buffet, the projection marathon of almost 1500 film entries started. From those entries approved by a pre-selection jury, most were screened to the final jury only if the author was present. Nevertheless, the final jury and visitors enjoyed many unforgettable hours of film at Europe's biggest and most attractive festival watching the best non-commercial films in the world.




15 years videoAktiv Regensburg,

15 years of international cultural cooperation


The film group videoAktiv Regensburg celebrates this year 15 years of age jubilee.


videoAktiv Regensburg has broken with its short films not only the geographic borders, but also has received the artistic recognition on almost all continents.


Nearly 500-times the spectators and jurors of four continents were confronted with the artistic qualities of the short films of videoAktiv Regensburg.


The filmmakers of videoAktiv Regensburg belong among the most successful cultural ambassadors of the city of Regensburg.


The short features with social-critical subjects, comedies, documentary films or reports have brought to the filmmakers and videoAktiv Regensburg, not only more than 260 international film awards and recognitions, but also many personal recognitions and honouring for Oskar and Daniela Siebert, as for example honouring by AMMA (amateur Movie Makers America) with "Master Movie Maker", the "honorary badge" and the "honorary membership" of the Czech committee UNICA (CVU), the "honorary medallion" of the Bavarian land association for film and video inc. and last but not least the price "Bridge constructor-Stavitel mostu 2009".


Since 1991 the film group is involved with numerous international film projects with the filmmakers from Czech Republic and the Czech association in film and video. VideoAktiv Regensburg was in 2007 initiator and also the first organizer of the 1st Bavarian-Czech Comparative Film festival.


Because of the 15-year-old existence of videoAktiv Regensburg, the filmmakers prepare for October, 2010 together with the cinemagoers from Czech Republic a 2-day active international cultural programme.  


/bout the preparation you will regularly be informed/

Seoul - the pearl of Asia


The trip to “The Seoul World Short Film & Video Festival” in Seoul  was not only very impressive for me and Daniela but also got us the gold award for the best script with “The Prague Romance”. Five days in the 11 million-city was too short to even get an impression to see and experience a little bit of it. I have to say that I felt like in another world when I was in Seoul. The long history and the rich tradition Korea’s is of course well known, but visitors are often amazed. They see the deep beauty of the natural, historic and cultural ruins, which survived the turbulent history of the land. After the Korea War in 1956 the city Seoul was destroyed except the base wall. Like phoenix from the ash, the city revived and belongs nowadays to the biggest and most wonderful city on earth. All of this I will show you in my new documentary movie: Seoul, the pearl of Asia.