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Closing journal


International Shortfilmfestival „Von Regensburg aus in die ganze Welt und zurück“ Regensburg 7th July 2013


Out of more than 40 entries of short films from many countries, the jury had to select the entries because of the deficit of time and financial help the festival had to be shorten to 2 days.The organizers want to excuse that not all of the entries could have been shown at the festival.


The international jury inspected closely all entries and rated them. Every entry that has been shown at the festival was nominated because of the high content, artistic and cinematic quality with a diploma and a medal.



The entries which were awarded:

Out of the jury journal:


Best short film of the Czech collection:

NEPRITELEM OSUDU by Ondrej Krejcar.


Best documentary film of the festival:

The Song by Dima ILIVEA / from Bulgarien


Best motion short film of the festival:

KATRINA by Eleonora Rose Abela / from Malta


Best short film of the festival:

LARHGETTO by Jaroslav Nykl  / from Czech Republic


We thank all film authors and the jury for supporting our international short film festival. (As we informed the authors, we cannot send you your price on our costs because of financial deficit. But we can send you your diploma and the medal for a service charge of 7 €. Please inform us the next 10 days.)


We wish you all many new ideas and GOOD LIGHT!


The photo gallery of the festival here. (available only until 1st September 2013.)



Oskar und Daniela Siebert

videoAktiv Regensburg