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From Regensburg around the Whole World and Back


Dear Friends and Members of the Long Island Movie Makers


Success in Regensburg, Germany


New nomination for "Mother"


"Camgaroo Award" goes to Regensburg


Oskar Siebert collects film awards


Director with 250 honours in the cellar


Korea - price


200 movie awards


IAC Mutter




Oscar for Oskar

Movie Award for the Sieberts

From a Czech-Magazine of the Amateur Movie Makers


AMMA Monitor (USA)

Great success for Regensburg movie in Czech Republic


Rychnovske noviny


From the religious press


Movie production for a good reason


People from city and country side




Kultur in Regensburg


Gutes Renommee an der Moldau und am Mississippi


Ten years videoAktiv Regensburg


Culture in Regensburg


Regensburg movie makers make a movie in Prague




Kultur in Regensburg




Today's people

Oskar Siebert makes a film about organ- donation



Crystal Globes for Regensburg


HAF Tanvald 2003


This was written about us.


"Bavarian Lion" goes to Oskar Siebert and Erik Grun.


PSA Journal

EID Video


Regensburg film preview in L.A.


Regensburg film preview in L.A.II


Summary of the interview at the Rychnov 8 Festival with Oskar Siebert


Culture in the region

Film award for the "Prague Romance"


Today's people

100th international film award for Oskar Siebert


"The Prague romance" got a lot of amusement

The amateur film group VideoAktiv presents its new production


German-Czech Film

"The Prague romance": First non-professional co production parties its preview


A Prague romance

Amateur short movie from Oskar Siebert at VHS


Culture actual

"VideoAktiv" presents "The Prague romance"


The movie making Siebert family

by Oskar & Daniela Siebertwith an introduction vz Howard Lockwood